Jet Li , the bad muthafuckah from Beijing, has been the illest martial arts/action star since Once Upon a Time in China (1995). His exceptional portrayal of the righteous, fearless (no pun intended), and legendary kung fu master Wong Fei-Hung, got me hooked on martial arts flicks as a kid growing up. When Li debuted in the Hollywood film industry with Lethal Weapon 4 (1998), playing the villainous high-ranking triad negotiator, people in the states started to take notice. But his role in the Kung Fu Hip Hop Shakespeare adaptation, Romeo Must Die (2000), is what got everybody hooked, especially the Hip Hop heads who came out for co-stars Aaliyah (RIP) & DMX (Shout out to the god), and stayed for Li’s beatdowns. From then on, Li would live on in numerous bars as a metaphor for badassery. Punchlines, for real.

To celebrate his 51st birthday (April 26th) , here are the 10 dopest rap references to the man with the flyest kicks.

1.Chief Keef – Jet Li (Snippet)

Lyric: “I come through in my Rari kickin shit like Jet Li
Hop in my Bentley please do not tempt me
I come through in my Audi choppin shit like Jet Li”



2.Kid Cudi – Call Me Moon Man

Lyric: “To the haters who still puzzle
It’s okay I’m a dog who still muzzle
But once I’m unleashed like Jet Li
I’m kickin’ it”



3.Wiz Khalifa – Feels Good

Lyric: “My weed kicks like Jet Li flicks”

unleashed-jet Li-WizKhalifa


4.Fabolous – Sickalicious Ft. Missy Elliot

Lyric: “I’m the one, like the Jet Li flick”

the one-Jet Li-Fabolous


5.YG – Honestly

Lyric: “Shit I’m chillin with some bitches
When they come to me like Jet Li
These bitches wanna kick it”

Jet Li-YG