Just before R & B newcomer Frank Ocean dropped his debut album Channel Orange, he came out as a bisexual. No doubt. Express yourself homie, we at GUMSHIP are not with the homophobia. But yo, he’s also a pioneer in another way. When the Odd Future crooner sings ‘that soft pink matter, cotton candy, Majin Buu’ on “Pink Matter”, son changed the game by being the first to reference DBZ in an R & B song. Honestly, I’m not sure if people are ready for all that. But Frank Ocean’s decision means progress!

Friends, one day there will be a place for kamehameha waves in the bedroom.

Until now, Hip Hop will been leading the movement with many of its artists, young and old, risking street credentials to come out in the open about their fanboyism. Here’s a tribute to some of the most notable references to the Super Saiyan race and support for the legendary quest for dragon balls [II].

Click through for the official GUMSHIP DBZ RAPS trading cards by Kevin Park. (disclaimer: GUMSHIP trading cards are not officially licensed by Dragon Ball or any of the following rap artists, shit’s for funsies)