In the world of the racist Asian night club, only the most Asian can enter. And who enforces this rule? One man, wieldng nothing but the guest list clipboard. So when he popped up in this Fox news clip condemning Circle nightclub in NYC, we had to bring you other instances of the man, up close, personal, and always judgmental. ARE YOU ON THE GUEST LIST?












Have you witnessed asian clipboard guy doling out judgments? Send them over to


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    this should go on

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  • james

    funny but more like these could be Korean nightclub excuses

  • james

    oh right didnt’ realise circle nightclub WAS a korean one, haha

  • M

    I feel bad that some of the people who work at circle (for example, those who really don’t have anything to do with working the door, or those who were told by their managers to deny people for whatever reason) are getting shat on because of upper management’s bs directives. I agree with the “issues” just now how the wrong people are being targeted…

    By the way, I know this guy, and feel so bad that he is now the one everyone is pointing fingers at when we all know who is really behind it all!!! You notice how the owner, who is usually hanging around outside screening the lines and tells the bouncers and clipboard guys who to let in, was conveniently MIA? Trust me, his fat ass was watching from behind the doors avoiding this issue and making his employees take the fall.

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    It’s all fun and games til feelings get hurt. Let them take the fall for promoting racism lol. This was Hysterical

  • http://Website brian

    if you are important enough you will get into circle no problem. There has been a problem these days with chinese and foreigners trying to ruin the one club we have as koreans in NYC. I don’t go there much, but when the mool was much better I use to go there and drop some serious cash…because there was value. This is before all the chinese starting invading circle. Now, I don’t see the value in getting the vip table and dropping a couple G’s. Circle has really gone downhill from hill and the owners of this club realize it…they are trying to do damage control. This is not about racism, its about controlling the mool. Also its about the chinese and other foreigners complaining because they couldn’t get in and they feel a sense of entitlement. Thats BS man, if you go to any hot white clubs in city you will have just as hard of a time getting in unless you know someone or you are attractive. Same rules apply here ladies and gentlemen….no fugly girls and flushing yangachis.

    • http://Website Juls

      you should go try out for Circle’s clipboard guy, you’d get the job instantly.

  • k

    its funny how they bring this up at a korean club. any asians try to get in at a white club? dont think thats gonna happen unless you get a table for a ridiculous amount.. which you can as well at circle.. but you rarely hear complaints because asians respect the business aspect of it… also regarding the accuser’s gf getting in.. any girl can get into any club by herself as long as whoever is working the door thinks she is physically attractive enough… its sad but its reality.. this happens at all clubs regardless of race.. stop making a big deal about it

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