I used to work for a producer showcase event and most of the guys that would get on stage would forego the long introduction to say ‘play my shit’. I always thought that was funny as hell because of the apparent nervousness of somebody who usually plays the background. Either that or they were just anxious to do what they came out to do. Regardless, that shit was real.

What better way to introduce yourself as a producer then through your beats?

Here’s a list of 17 people with interesting things to say through their choice of drums, samples, synths, live instrumentation, Dre/Dilla/Primo/Timbaland/Madlib/PeteRock influence, wind chimes, gun shots, and whatever, whatever. I went ahead and wrote up a few words about everyone anyway, but you really need to just press play on all these tracks. Don’t be skipping around either because you already follow them on Soundcloud or you recognize all the hits they made because they’re OG status.

Notice the list isn’t ranked (it’s in alphabetical order). I thought ya’ll might want to handle that and added this nifty poll to the end of the list. You can choose up to three. Have fun.

words by rekstizzy (twitter / instagram)