Online gaming in Korea gets people in the zone. People start to neglect their duties, their hygiene, and now some dude allegedly allowed his two-year-old son to die. Yeah, what in the actual fuck.

But even before all that, this whole story is a bit crazy. Apparently, this 22-year-old man was living apart from his wife, whom he met through online games, because of their financial situations. She got a job at a factory and moved into living spaces for the workers. Meanwhile, this dude would spend all his time at internet cafes doing the League of Legends and Sudden Attack thing, only taking a break every two or three days to go home to feed his kid. I’m trying to wrap my head around how all that works. I know people can make money off online games but I don’t really mess with those titles so I don’t know if that was part of the arrangement or he was just going there for pleasure.

We don’t know what these folks are going through and without all the details, it’s hard to say what is what (I’m really trying to humanize this fool). But the next part is pretty inexcusable.

Upon finding out that his son had died (March 9th), he waits a little over a month (April 11th) to throw the body in the trash. And when his wife asked him where their son had gone, dude told her the kid was at a babysitter’s.


Also, he continued to hit the net cafes up.


Obviously not gonna try to pin any of this on online gaming but cot damn, it’s this thing called ‘self control’ that’s free like the air we breathe. Reach out and grasp a hold of it and don’t let your kid die and then throw him in the garbage. Real talk, people should be allowed to mess up their own lives. The problem arises when they’re allowed to reproduce.

[via kotaku via yonhap & kukinews]