I was never a fan of the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies. Kirsten Dunst (probably spelling her name wrong too) as Mary Jane? That casting decision just threw me off altogether. C’mon son, Mary Jane in the comic books was bad. She was like an Unhappily Ever After-era Nikki Cox (should’ve casted her). Who cares if Kristen can act (which she can’t), where’s the hot!? Also, Tobey Maguire was just a herb. This new guy is a herb too, but I can see the rage in him from when Zuckerberg screwed him over in The Social Network which makes him not a herb. The action sequences look grittier this time around, almost like how Todd McFarlane made Spidey’s web more gooey. I don’t know, you might not be able to see what’s in my mind so quit listening to me yammer on and watch the trailer. It’ll get you hype. Not Dark Knight Returns hype, but hype nonetheless. Also, not Avengers hype, but… aiight, I’m not sure if I’m shitting on this movie or endorsing it anymore. Nah, it looks good. More importantly, has anyone seen Nikki Cox recently and how do they look?


[via kineda]