When I seen promo photos of 2NE1 looking wild in their Jeremy Scott outfits, I had no idea I would be at the show. I liked what they’ve been up to since their debut, casually watching the occasional music video that clogged the Facebook mini feed, but not really knowing their names or nothing like that. And then I don’t know what happened, the chick Minzy got me mesmerized. Plus, she’s young as hell too (18 is young to a 26 year old, son). It was that “I’m the Best” video, the beat was well made, the hook catchy as fuck, and I generally like it when girls go around smashing shit up. I still remember that time I was in Korea, and I seen those delinquent chicks chillin’ on their mopeds, bandanas covering their mouths, eyeliner was heavy. I would’ve approached them, but I was pretty sure they’d knee me in the balls pretty swiftly. Maybe my first fear boner, ever. Anyway, the connection to that besides the look in the video is that one of those chicks had the same haircut as Minzy and we made the most serious eye contact. Obviously, they’re not the same person, but it might could be the trigger for these obsessions.

Anyway, Friday afternoon, the homie Jaeki hits me up and says he has a plus one for the show. Oh word? I said I was down and it wasn’t even on some, “fuck it, why not? It’s free” shit. Or the super-overcompensating, “yeah son, I bet there will be a lot of cute girls there.” I was hitting the shit up as a fan. That “I Love You” is fresh for the summer. Jamba Juice could’ve produced that joint. So we linked in K-town with two other guys who are big on YG and made that trip to New Jersey.