Before this video came out, I was saying how I like CL but without Minzy on the track/video, it’s whatevz. And then she puts this craziness out and shits on me. Damn. She look sexy af, the beat go horddddd, the flows is on point (yeah, I’m Korean but I don’t really understand the words so I won’t say nothing about the lyrics). As expected from YG, they go all out with the visuals, taking you from the red carpet, to the street, to I don’t know… some post apocalyptic battle field where it’s all bad bitches. That dance is hella dope too, with the┬ámischievous feline sway to it.

It’s so girl power, but girls gotta recognize that we wanna root for ya’ll too and love when ya’ll rep for yourselves. And on the flipside, we know ya’ll like rugged beats with attitude as well, you don’t ALWAYS gotta alienate us with some hello kitty fart cloud cotton candy noises! Anyway, word.

[youtube id=”7LP4foN3Xs4″ width=”620″ height=”360″]