We don’t condone marijuana use but we know a lot of you do, so here are some joints that might come in handy for today’s festivities… by all Asian rappers. Oh shit, they smoke too!? Yeah son. And if you don’t puff, it’s some good tunes anyway.

Nump Trump feat. Scoot From The Hoodstars & Berner – Smoke Weed Everyday

A hype tribute to mary jane featuring an infamous Nate Dogg sample. Nump Trump and his homies represent for high life.

Sonny Bonoho – Zig Zag

I wonder which rolling paper brand ‘weirdo’ rapper Sonny Bonoho prefers to roll up with…

Bambu de Pistola feat. DJ Muggs – Smoke Smarter

Potheads always have this thing about proving they’re also productive members of society, and then you got songs like these with a pothead speaking to other potheads, ‘psst hey! Go out and do something you’re making us look bad’.

Jackie Chain – Haze

Jackie Chain showing off the benefits of a proper vaporizer.

Dumbfoundead – Green

Dumb never shies away from repping for his culture. And no, we don’t mean asian shit. #pothead

Honorable mention: Cool Calm Pete – Lost

The stoner anthem that isn’t a stoner anthem. Just play the shit and you’ll know what I mean. Lost? Aha!

Woah, take it easy chief! If there are any glaring omissions. let us know! We never claimed to be the experts on asian rap or nothing like that and if the song is hot, we’ll add to the list.

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    Oh shit. Didn’t expect Calm Pete in this.