Square Enix’s new open-world game about that Triad life, Sleeping Dogs, is getting rave reviews everywhere. But don’t take their word for it, take OUR word for it. This game is ill, son! You play as an undercover cop, Wei Shen, whose mission is to infiltrate the Hong Kong underworld without falling ‘in too deep’ (yes, that does make you the Chinese Omar Epps, get excited). Without going into too much detail, the circumstances leave dude wrestling with himself throughout the majority of the game, just stressing out! But that’s alright when you can flying-side kick random pedestrians in the backs of their heads, sing karaoke with hostesses, or enjoy some fresh pork buns off the nearest street food stand. Mmm pork buns. By now, you’ll notice this isn’t your ordinary game. in fact, it’s perfect for you, Asian gamer. Read on to find out what else make this game a unique experience and an overall good time.

  • Dave