Oh man, who doesn’t love a good sexy grandma story? I mean, when those dentures come out? Think about it.

At around 1 a.m. on October 12, Tamako Boku, 73, who is of Korean descent, was taken into custody by a plainclothes officer from the Isezakikei Police Station for offering sexual services in the streets of the love hotel area of Sueyoshicho in Yokohama’s Naka Ward — a violation of the Anti-Prostitution Law regarding solicitation.

“My living expenses are too high,” the suspect reportedly told police in admitting to the allegations.

Living expenses are too high? I’m trying to figure out whether it’s on some real struggle or she’s only eating the fattiest toro sushi available. Anyway, there’s more.

According to investigators, Boku looks younger than her actual age, appearing to be around 50. “Up until now, she is the oldest person (brought up on these charges) that we are aware of,” said an investigative source.

The suspect was picked up on similar charges six years ago, when she was 67 years old.

Can’t knock the hustle! But damn, she’s managed to look 20 years younger, Asians really do age gracefully.

“She does herself up to look young,” says an officer, adding that she sports golden hair, a coat, and high heels. “In the dark, her customers probably can’t determine her real age.”

Kanagawa prefectural police said that the suspect typically serves three to four customers each week, charging 15,000 yen (including hotel fees) per session. In an average month, she collects 150,000 yen in income.

For the lazy, that’s about 1800 US Dollars. So, I guess she’s living pretty modestly?

“I used to work as a hostess,” the suspect is quoted by Nikkan Sports (Oct. 13). “But as my age increased there were no shops that would hire me so I started working in prostitution.”

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry… while I masturbate.

But on a serious note, I can see a hostess really just getting addicted to the lifestyle of easy money and not knowing what to do afterwards. They might gotta consider copping three designer bags instead of five, and put that money away for a rainy grey.

[via tokyoreporter]