When you stop resenting your mom for forcing you to study and take piano lessons (basically training you to be great), you want to show her you love her. Sure, just buying your mom any ol’ gift doesn’t prove much, but it’s a nice gesture. Especially when your relationship hasn’t been the same since the time she had to use your computer one day and stumbled upon Tumblr Tuesdays, ha!). Make things right, show her you care, get her that gift, son!

So here are some suggestions that go beyond the usual jewelry and flowers deal. And some suggestions that need to be on there, because asian moms love it (see number 1).

  • http://Website tae

    Gonna go with the FB add. RIP MY LIFE

  • http://Website jennayyyy

    you are my hero!!!!

  • http://Website jennayyyy

    I am torn between the ipad or the game app. Combo purchase?? thoughts??

  • Dave

    ^ LOL what a dork

  • http://Website Danny Oh

    Chill out with the fb talk. That would make her cry on mothers day…and not those happy tears…

  • http://Website lexy

    Call me for the cake pops. For macarons, go to my favorite spot in the city: bisous ciao. FUCKING. DELICIOUS.

    But seriously, call me for cake pops. Or cake balls. Whatever.

  • http://Website chad ocho

    hahahahahaa awesome ideas bruh

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  • http://Website KellyBelly

    Read this just an hour after I slaved myself — painting a portrait of my mother. She is narcissistic — so she’ll love it. But now I am so hungry for a macaroon!!!

  • http://Website mack

    holy fuck i lost it when i saw the “wheres my gift tho” ahahhahahhaa