If you haven’t heard by now, Facebook is going public and contemporary artist, David Choe, will be ‘riiiiiich biyatch‘ (Donnell Rawlings voice)! See, back when he painted the first Facebook offices, he was given a choice between stocks or a couple thousand dollars. He took the shares despite finding Facebook to be ‘pointless’. Those same shares are now estimated at roughly $200 million.

Now, the rest of the world is watching to see what the street artist will do with the money. But we already know. As fans of his podcast, Koreans Gone Bad, we listened to hours upon hours of conversation (with mostly childhood friends), so we have a sense of what his interests are and where he’s coming from. The whole situation is actually kind of hilarious to us because we know from the show, money always seems to fall into his lap. The best part is he doesn’t even care too much about it. He already has everything he needs; good friends, a steady stream of sleepover buddies, and the luxury of getting paid to do what he loves, art. If anything, it may complicate his situation. But if he were to go out and spend his newfound fortune, here are the nine places it would go.

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