Being Asian on Thanksgiving can be kind of an awkward time. Moms is still putting rice next to your turkey and one of your aunts is going to announce to everyone how fat you got. LULZ!

But yo, on the night before? Let’s get drunk and just commit to fighting the air to hip hop beats.

Gumship is coming up on two solid years (1,400 posts!) and we want to celebrate that. We also wanna thank everybody for checking out the content and just spreading the word about the site. That shit overwhelms me sometimes and tears really do fall off of my eyeball. Also shoutout to everyone who pulled us to the side and mumbling something about Tumblr Tuesdays while looking over their shoulders, nostrils flaring, hands folded in gratitude.

You already know what to expect but let me spell the shit out for ya. Special guests, prizes, and two of NYC’s dopest DJs providing hip hop tunes all night. Chyeah.

Facebook event:

November 27th

Lord Kimchi

Hosted by Rekstizzy

Fat Buddha
212 Ave A
9PM – ????
21+ / No Cover

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