If you’re not watching K-Town, a reality series centered around a bunch of Asian misfits in the Los Angeles area, I’m here to help. If you are watching it already, I’m here to relate. The series, which premieres new episodes on its YouTube channel every Wednesday does lend itself to all the stereotypes that exist with the genre of reality television, and furthers the Asian stereotypes that we all try so hard to fight or embrace, but it doesn’t mean that it should be written off. Below is a not so comprehensive primer and guide to the show.

Why the show is worth your time?

Because it’s not a huge commitment. Probably owing to the fact that the show was never picked up my a television network, or to the amount of hours they’ve compiled for the first season, each episode runs an average of just about 10 minutes. Accidental as it may be, I see this as a huge advantage for this type of show. The standard hour format for reality shows always seemed too long for me, after one or twenty seasons of the same show, it’s the same swerve as we head to commercial, or a climax that leads to wait til next week. Here, things are compressed and it is truly a glimpse into the life of our main characters.

But still, I could find better things to do than watch this show.

Can you really? The seven episodes so far have all brought their own memorable moments. In the opener, there’s a guest appearance from Evelyn Lin. Blink and you miss it (there’s an Asian joke in there somewhere). Episode two introduced us to Cammy, the take no prisoners bartender with the shiniest set of braces around K-Town. From there, we find characters amuse themselves by making flyers fly, abusing the service waiter bell at an Asian restaurant, and getting their friends in troubling by posting lap dance videos on their Facebook. Embrace the mindlessness of the show, and you too can be entertained.

Being a reality show, there must be a running relationship angle isn’t there?

Let’s see, there’s Jowe, who goes by the Prince Of K-Town, who may or may not still be in a relationship with fellow cast member Violet, who was the lightning rod for much of the controversy in earlier episodes. When a girl approached her at a club and asked “Is that cellulite?”, her response: “Nope, it’s Louboutin”. A star was born.

Back to Jowe. In an interview with Schema Mag, he addressed his self assigned nickname: “Being a “prince” is all about being humble, a gentleman and most importantly, a role model that is liked amongst his people. As cocky as I might come across, most of it comes from experiences with confidence. Don’t confuse cocky with confident.”

Speaking of cock (I have no idea how to transition here), a running joke throughout the show is how he doesn’t have a size advantage where it matters, which may or may not have been confirmed by Violet.

You’re not going to talk about Scarlet?

No, I’m scared of her.

Where are we at with the story?

Since the start of the season, one of the characters Joe Cha — a club promoter — has been hyping up a huge Saturday night at a club named Belasco. Most recently, Joe enlisted the entire crew to help promote the party and hand out flyers, also to help set up the club on the day of. This naturally being a reality series, led to much tension.

Most tragic of all — and I am using the word tragic in the most gentle way possible — is that Young, an aspiring dancer, missed an important audition recently because he overslept after his friends took him to a club the night before, turned it into an impromptu bachelor party, started fighting with each other and forgetting about him.

But it looks like with some of the most famous Asian dance crews performing at Belasco, Joe is going to make sure Young gets on stage and gets the shine he deserves.

And as if that was not enough: Tyrese is making a guest appearance.

In related news, he is a producer on the show.

Did you just write over seven hundred words on K-Town?

Yes I did.

And last words to Jowe:

“Don’t live your life in “What if’s”: in this case “What if I said this or that with this girl?”. Do yourself a favor by checking and feeling the three things you have between your legs. Realize what God himself put you on this planet Earth for.”

Watch the show before it’s too late.

This post was not sponsored by K-Town.