Looks like artist David Choe is back at the Facebook offices, doing what he does. Apparently, Sean Parker was a big fan of Choe and they commissioned him to do some art for their first office (which can be seen in The Social Network). Since then, Zuckerberg has continued to purchase crazy visions from the Korean Gone Bad to liven up the place. Lucky for us, Upper Playground was there this time (or is? they might still be there) to capture the process.

For some reason, this reminds me of my childhood. Nah, I never used to write graffiti or nothing like that. It’s just something about the way he’s kind of dragging his feet. It’s like when you used to follow your older brother around with his friends and they’d just show you something they found or some new trick, real nonchalant about it, but you’d be super impressed. Trying to think of some examples. All I know is, one time I found a stack of pornos someone threw out and brought it over to them. They told me they’d ‘take care of it’ and I never saw the stack again.

Still mad, yo. Fuck a hyung.

Anyway, can’t wait to see the finished product.