Eddie Huang aka Based FOB has a new comedy series that was picked up by ABC. The series is  based on his memoir, Fresh Off the Boat, which explores his Asian American experience growing up in Orlando, Florida and his passion for food. I am definitely looking forward to this series when it drops soon. Having a major television network give the green light on a series that will  feature some hilarious accounts that Asian Americans can relate to is definitely a win. Here’s the synopsis of the series:

The half-hour, single-camera comedy is set in 1990s Orlando and follows the misadventures of 12-year-old Eddie and his Taiwanese immigrant family, who experience culture shock when they move from Washington DC to Florida.

Check out the trailer:

Damn, young Eddie saying, “I need White people lunch” just so he could fit in with the kids at school… I  laughed out loud at this one because I remember back in the day I was that kid that brought leftovers from the previous night’s dinner but I didn’t give a fuck  if the kids at school were grossed out by the smell. I ate that food with pride and I wasn’t really about that Lunchables life. I was a big kid in grade school so ham and cheese crackers did not satisfy my hunger at all, I’d probably need two packs of Lunchables. Shout out to home cook meals and y’all already know, mom’s cooking is always the best. No question about it. But I can definitely relate.

[via angryasianman]