I’m posting this REAL LATE but honestly, I seen this ‘Chinese Food’ shit when there was only like a thousand views. Now it’s at like 8 million views and everyone been sending me the shit like I’m gonna be like YOOOOOO WHAAAAAAAATTT!?!?! AY MAN I’M ON MY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For those who don’t know, basically it’s a new video from the folks behind that Rebecca Black “Friday” video. But this time, they got this little girl singing about wanton soups. Yes, it’s racist. But I’m not gonna lie, I found it really hard to give a shit about because of the sheer ridiculousness of it. Look at dude in the panda costume all smiling at you. It’s just a nightmarish spectacle on some Barbie commercial meets Tim & Eric Awesome Show shit. I didn’t ever want to look at it again but since ya’ll won’t stop sending me the shit, HERE IT IS. TAKE IT. FEEL THE LITTLE HIGH YOU GET OFF BEING OFFENDED. YOU GONN MARCH YO!? GRAB YA GLOCKZ WHEN YOU SEE 2PACCCCCC! Again, it IS racist and you have every right to be annoyed but stop sending me this shit like I don’t got my eyes everywhere because I see everything, son. But I got other important work to do like posting about the new pokemon game and scantily clad women.

The fortune cookie ending was hilarious as fuck tho.

[youtube id=”wWLhrHVySgA” width=”620″ height=”360″]


Some people are actually confused as to why this music video is racist. Let me just let my peoples at Wired break it down for ya:

It’s difficult to tell whether Wilson understands that the song he wrote deals in harmful misinformation, but judging by his earnest responses to Rebecca Black’s success, it’s likely that’s not the case. “Chinese Food” is another example of the kind of cultural tribute that’s harmful even when it lacks malicious intent — the reason many Americans still don’t understand why, for example, the song “What Made the Red Man Red” from Peter Pan is racist, or why calling Washington D.C.’s NFL team the Redskins is not okay. They’re not explicitly hateful, of course, or even vicious, but they are ignorant and diminishing towards huge swathes of people, reinforcing ideas about them that are vastly overgeneralized and demeaning.

Again, I’m not really upset by it. But if YOU ARE, I’m not going to argue with you at all. But if you want to tell me it’s not racist, smarten up. I guess these posts are kinda necessary huh.

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