NJ native Ailee continues to make moves in Korealand with her latest single “I Will Show You”. It’s catchy and she looks good in it. Not going to lie though, the last part where the dude hugs her and she flashes a smile kind of makes me cringe. It makes me think of sneaky little cute girls who be doing some of the illest diabolical scheming ever. Probably just me though lol. I blame the director. Anyway, I’ll probably cop the album off iTunes because homegirl can sing.

The title song “I will show you” is a disco rock song composed by the Korea’s best composer Doh-hoon Kim, Hyun-Seung Lee (ITOMY) and the best lyric writer Eungkyung Kang and has an additive melody mixed with Ailee’s powerful vocals making the song more attractive.

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