The kpop industry is type messy. That’s why we don’t really cover the genre too heavy. Just too many crazies on every side of the fence because everyone is wild protective over image when the whole shit is actually pretty sleazy under the surface. So when kpop singer Ailee’s nudes hit the net last night on Allkpop, we weren’t really trying to report on it, but the ensuing conflict is too bugged out.

To cover up the scandal, Ailee’s label issued a statement saying the photographs were test shots for an established lingerie company and the singer fell victim to a scam. In the process, they threw Allkpop’s VP under the bus.

After reporting to the police, Ailee, who felt deeply worried and uneasy, visited her previous boyfriend who was working at All KPop, and told him everything and consulted him about what happened. While consulting the previous boyfriend, who should have fully grasped and handled the information about these pictures, Ailee was persuaded by him to send him the pictures from the shoot.

Kpop stars like G.Na and Jay Park have shown their support for Ailee by unfollowing Allkpop on Twitter and a lot of fans are coming for the site VP’s head. Allkpop then issued a statement of their own, talking about how somebody from Canada approached them with an offer to sell them the photos, which they refused, and then reaching out to the singer’s label about it.

We responded to the email stating that we would prefer to talk over the phone. Over the phone conversation, this person stated that he would like to “sell us the photos” and “break the story”. At the time he stated he didn’t have access to¬†Sports Seoul or Dispatch but he would be willing to contact them if we didn’t break the story. The person in question stated that he was a person acting as a middleman between the original owner and sent us a sample photo “for proof”. He wanted to meet at an undisclosed location where he would provide us all the photos in exchange of $3500 USD in Cash.

At this time, we stated that we were not interested, and this person said he would contact another agency.

As we had good relations with Ailee, we informed our contact at YMC Entertainment that someone had contacted us stating that they had nude photos of Ailee. We stated we saw it and it was most likely her, even sending the sample photo. We informed them that if they were to pursue legal action, we would be bound to provide the contact information of the informant. They replied that we were most likely making everything up and brushed it off. We were bewildered why they would brush this off, when we were offering assistance.

Damn, the plot thickens.

You’re probably all thinking the same shit. What is the big deal? It’s some nude selfies. Like, didn’t Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga just recently throw their goods on the internet like ice cream sprinkles? Didn’t Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian get TV show deals off of actual XXX visuals? Ya’ll bugging out in Korea over titty? But yo, that shit just so happens to be a huge deal and it’s ruined careers in the past. So, I don’t know man. Interested to see how this all develops but I probably won’t be posting any more on it.

Check out the full statements from both at Allkpop. If you want to see the flicks, google it.

[via iamkoream]

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  • David
  • Meadows-Choi

    It would’ve been a matter of time until a Kpop idol had nude fotos leaked publicly. Are we really all that a bit surprised? The Real shitstorm i can’t wait to hear one day is, the kpop idol dating a black hip hop artist.

    • Baakus

      He’s not Kpop exactly, but Tiger JK did marry a half-Black woman.