All Gold Everything, Christmas Tree Edition

Published On December 18, 2012 | By Dave | news, wtf

If you really trying to ball out this Christmas (huh?), you gotta rock with that SOLID GOLD CHRISTMAS TREE, BRUH.

The ornament is made of 40 kg of solid gold and stands about 2.4 meters high and measures 1.2 meters in diameter. It costs a whopping 350 million yen (US$4.2 million)!

“Right now gold is over 4,400 yen per gram. We used pure gold and had an expert craftsman form each Disney character by hand,” Tomoko Ishibashi, one of the marketing staff members of Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry, said of the decoration.

For those who cannot afford it, the jewelry store offers a miniature version amounting to two million yen (US$243,000), which stands 25 cm high and features 20 Disney characters.

Zam! 4 Million.. Ay man, let me just hold like one or two branches. No? Fuck it.

This also seems appropriate:

[via weirdasianews]

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    lol holding two branches