Damn, Amazon might really be the future. The company that sells everything wants to deliver smaller items to you within a half hour through a service called PrimeAir which is a fancy way of saying drones that will drop things off through phone GPS. OD. Before you place that order and scan the air for your delivery, the service is still in research and development and they have to clear issues like safety.

Amazon VP Dave Clark said during the segment that, “Anything you want on Earth you’re gonna get from us. That’s where we’re headed I believe.” And this would definitely be a step toward anything, anywhere, anytime. But Bezos cautions that Amazon has to get safety nailed before the company can unleash a swarm of drones on the world. “This thing can’t land on someone’s head,” he noted.

El oh el. Real excited for the future, yo. I think the closest thing we have to this so far is the jajangmyun (noodles with brown sauce) delivery in Korea. You can order that and get it delivered to pretty much anywhere, subway stations, whatever.

[youtube id=”98BIu9dpwHU” width=”620″ height=”360″]

[via gizmodo]

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