So, this happened.

Tell me if this sounds about right. Clothing company Hollister — you may also be familiar with its parent company Abercrombie & Fitch — opened up its first store in South Korea. To commemorate the occasion, they shipped in some young shirtless American models to dress up the place.

The models did not behave well.

Social media being what it is, some photos of the models making, ahem, “squinty eyes” and other obscene gestures started surfacing, as well as tweets mocking Asian pronunciation of English.

Alright, so how do we react to this? Not like the Korean netizens who are foaming at their mouths with their own racist remarks about white people and Americans in general. Just take it for what it is. These are male models. Have you seen Zoolander? I’m not saying they’re all stupid, but you’re going to see a lot of general senselessness coming out of any group that obsesses over their looks, and then when people are offended, these models are just going to continue to do what they do: bang out beautiful women, endure molest by male photographers/designers (it happens), and basically live in their happy-go-lucky bubble.

Shit is all good.

I’m not even going to say boycott Hollister or Abercrombie because I doubt any of ya’ll really mess with those brands like that. Still mad? Sound off below.

[via angryasianman via koreanbang]

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  • Jang

    damn hollister’s still alive? i think people like him should still get shot though

  • Dave

    I don’t know about shot.. what about an old-fashioned taekwondo beatdown?

  • Kevin Truong

    Yeah these fools never got their asses beat in their lives. But if him and I was in a room, I’d punch and kick the shit out of his ass and make him eat his own shit. Bunch of pussies.