These stories must be so humbling for everyone aspiring to be geniuses. I don’t kare becaws I’m smarder den him.

As a former child prodigy born to a Japanese father and Korean mother, (Sho) Yano demonstrated early aptitude in academics, music and sports. Before even reaching double-digits in years, he was attending college. According to the Chosun Ilbo, he gained his undergraduate degree with summa cum laude honors from Loyola University in Chicago when he was 12 years old. Six years later, he achieved a Ph.D. in molecular genetics and cell biology from the University of Chicago.

Now, he plans to begin his residency in pediatric neurology in order to conduct research on children with autism, a developmental disorder that inhibits social interactions and linguistic abilities.

I can do the cliche thing and compare my life to his and say shit like ‘at 12 Years old, I graduated from cheddar flavored combos to the pizza flavor’, but I’m not going to do all that. All I’m going to say is this. The boy is obviously a superhuman hero of brain power, but every hero has his weakness/dark side. Notice this kid is Korean and Japanese. There will come a point in his life where one part of his blood (probably the Korean side) will try to kill off the other part. It will either end very badly, or worse, it becomes a SPY vs SPY situation all his life. He will make many discoveries as a byproduct of finding the cure to his madness!

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