Damn, these kids still doing this? Hyun Jin Lee, a Korean American woman from New Jersey, went to go pick up photos at pharmacy/photo spot CVS when she was shocked to find that her name had been replaced with ‘Ching Chong Lee’. She e-mailed the customer relations department:

“Do you think it’s funny? It’s very disturbing to me!!!!,” Lee wrote. “Why doesn’t he just call me Chink! It has the same derogatory meaning!!!!!”

CVS has apologized and claims the employee will be dealt with. But Lee’s pretty furious. She is seeking $1 Million in damages.

Aiight, I don’t know about allllllllll that. Sounds less like anger and a bit more like greed right there. But they’ll probably throw her a couple thousand to make this go away. End of the day though, I’m glad Asians aren’t just keeping quiet about disrespectful incidents like this and are voicing their anger. A lot of these fast food employee part time jobber kids are bored at work and don’t think about their actions. But that doesn’t excuse this fuckery.

[via koream]


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