apple ibooks 2 textbooks for ipad-05

I still remember the days in school where I would do anything I can to avoid coughing up the money to by textbooks for class. The whole system was a scam, making you buy new textbooks every year and selling them back for a 1/10th of what you paid for. Well Apple plans to save a lot of paper and also some money in your pocket by introducing one of their latest projects, I-Books.

“Today’s students have grown up completely immersed in technology. Be it iPods, iPads or computers, this is the way they’re most comfortable learning and interacting with the world. So why stick with heavy, static paper textbooks? Apple has the answer in iBooks 2 for iPad, a new application that features a truly dynamic, engaging and interactive kind of textbook.

Also of note: Apple is is giving authors the ability to set their own prices as long as they remain $14.99 or under. Bye-bye to $200+ textbooks? (Yes, there’s still the cost of an iPad to consider)”