It’s Pac’s birthday and even though he wasn’t Asian, it’s a lot of Asians who look up to the thug poet with deep admiration and respect. Count artist Naturel among that group as he combines influences from the westside rider and radiant child, Jean-Michel Basquiat, to create a dope tribute featuring his own signature cubism style.





Very dope. I’ve seen a lot of Biggie art with the Basquiat crown, but somehow pairing the artist with Pac seems a lot more fitting because they was both hella sensitive artists. Naturel has his own ideas about it:

When I started this project a few weeks ago, I thought the whole Tupac and Basquait idea would be a cool little mash up, but then I started to realize that these two had very similar lives and careers. I realized that both Tupac and Basquait were very crude in their craft. Tupac wasn’t necessarily the best lyricist, he didn’t construct the best songs, but they were straight to the point. The crudeness, honesty and the instinct within those songs struck a chord. It was the same thing with Basquait, he wasn’t the most painterly of painters, but he was so instinctual that it embodied what it was to be an artist. Straight from the gut, straight from the heart. Not really thinking about what it was.

Trueeeee. You can read more about the project and purchase these works now at 1xRun. with pieces ranging from $125-$1000.


Dag I didn’t know Illmind did accompanying music! #boomtrap

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