Some artists take shortcuts and others seem to always wanna do things the difficult way. Artist ‘Red’ Hong Yi creates elaborate portraits out of unconventional materials and unorthodox methods. She did Yao Ming by bouncing a basketball dipped in red paint, over and over again. She also did an Ai Wei Wei joint using a 100,000 seeds. They always come out dope but the process just adds those two extra extra layers of awesome to it. Her latest work is Jackie Chan made out of 64,000 chopsticks. Yeah, let that sink in.

“I spent a month collecting 64,000 chopsticks, in Zhejiang and in Beijing. I tied them into different bundle sizes with strings, and then hung them on a steel frame. This was a hanging piece that had to be suspended with steel cables, so I had to make sure that it was structurally stable enough to carry that many chopsticks. The installation is best viewed from the front, where the portrait is most visible. From its side, waves of chopsticks tied in bundles is seen.”

Damn. Check her out in action below, hanging out with the god Jackie Chan himself:

[via firstwefeast]

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