Artist Deborah Lao put these posters together to celebrate Asian men/masculinity. Seems like they covered the bases with actors, ballers, etc. We’re not mad at these and glad she included DJ Qbert. That dude is fucking incredible and sometimes overlooked (certainly not in the DJ community). Here she is talking to colorlines about his inclusion:

I felt like the series needed a fifth person to make it more substantial. Hip-hop has been inclusive within the movement. When the Invisibl Skratch  Piklz came out, they were the first Asians in hip-hop. It didn’t matter what race they were, what mattered was that they could really scratch. And the fact that Qbert is Filipino resonated with me since I’m Chinese-Filipino.

Now you see Asian American hip-hop groups like Far East Movement on MTV, and all these Asian American boys crews winning dance competitions. I feel DJ Qbert lead the way for Asians in hip-hop.


DJ Qbert

Bruce Lee

Jeremy Lin

George Takei

Richard Aoki


[via colorlines]