The Mountain Brothers in 2012

The third week of February is a significant time for Asians in Hip Hop. After blazing through competitors on national TV, Jin the MC got inducted into 106 & Park’s Freestyle Friday Hall of Fame (2002) and signed to the hottest record label at the time. Rewind back a few years to 1999, the Mountain Brothers put out their classic debut album, Self Vol 1 (1999), that same week to critical acclaim from the underground and a video on MTV.

So last year, we made Asian Hip Hop Week¬†official-official and celebrated by running some great rap features.¬†In the second year, we’re still bringing you great rap stuff but we’ll also be exploring other elements of the culture. Use this post as a reference point as we’ll be adding links to the articles here. Enjoy.

1 – 14 Asian DJs You Should Know

2 – 8 Hottest Asian Video Vixens in the Game Right Now

3 -17 Asian Producers You Need to Hear Right Now

4 – Mountain Brothers Revisit Classic Album 15 Years Later

5 – ?????

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