I can’t say who was right or wrong here because I’ve seen enough Asian guys get mad belligerent when they’re in a large crowd. Then on the flipside, I’ve seen a lot of cases where ignorant white dudes do the racial slur thing (not knowing Asians roll deep) and then play the victim. What I will say is I can’t stand these ‘ooh a fight let me whip out my camera phone WORLDSTAR’ knuckleheads because you know they’re the same cats bumpin’ rap songs that say ‘fuck a snitch’ and ‘fuck the cops’, but then they’ll do the whole surveillance and investigation for them. Funny how that is.

[youtube id=”ljY34A9A290″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

[via angryasianman]

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  • Isaac

    Whatever happened to one on one? Plus did I see someone getting punched in the asshole? WTH!

    • Wavy Dod

      No. Punching the ahole was a mirror. He was actually taking the guys cellphone and wallet from his rear pockets.

  • Stidge Emon

    Your a pretty big asshole to say, “I can’t say who was right or wrong here”. No matter what was said by whom, 20 plus dudes gang beating up 3 people, the 20 thugs are in the wrong.

    • jonblaze1hq

      True dat


      Look Stidge, I’m always an asshole so name-calling doesn’t affect me. But don’t take my words out of context, I was saying I don’t know who started the fight.

    • hun

      iono seems like the white guys provoked it as you can see in the video, some of the asians were helping out the whites guys up after the beating. If i was rolling deep with about 20 friends and 3 people came at me out of nowhere attacking me in front of my homies you’d want it to be 3vs3 for a fair fight? That’s asinine. This is also Boston btw i used to live there and it is a very racist place from my experience.

  • 전다빗

    My Asian people don’t provoke or attack without no reason especially in a white town like Boston. If those white dudes had their asses beaten up it was well deserved i think…

    • jonblaze1hq

      I have to agree with you to some degree here.. As a black man with plenty of Korean and Vietnamese friends I rarely see them provoke fights. When i first seen the video my first reaction was please let it not be a black Asian fight, We already have enough media hype feeding into the race-baiting between our communities. What surprised me was how come this didn’t make national news, and how convenient if it was a black and Korean incident it would of been headline news.. My Pastor who’s Korean and lived through the L.A riots says we can’t or overlook these nuisance but call them out.

    • Maleficus Jones

      Most definitely. Azn cats are some of the calmest, realest people I know. They never brawl unless someone really disrespects them. Also, those Azn cats are Mob, dude, a friend of mine knows some cats in the chinese mob in Boston, and they have tattoos and dress just like that.

      • GUMSHIP

        hmmmm i don’t know about all that. a lot of asian cats get really, really ignorant after a few drinks lol

  • Kevin Park

    Ah, yes, Taylor Gang: the soundtrack to Asian beatdowns.

  • fairness09

    I’ve seen something like this when I was a student in Korea.

    There was a white guy in our dorm who liked to joke around, doing pranks. One time he put up a sign on a cardboard, with Chinese characters drawn by markers. It looked pretty good on first glance. He had that cardboard stand by the window, facing the dorm where the Chinese male students stayed. I then asked his fellow white guy buddy what it meant. He said, “It says hello fellow Chinese!”.

    On what seemed like an hour later, close to 30 Chinese guys stormed into our floor looking for him. It was his luck that he went to a restaurant outside at that time. I found out through them that he wrote “small dick” in Chinese.

    A school official pulled him out in the midst of a school field trip and instead, made him stand and apologize in front of a room full of pissed of Chinese bros. After that, he went back to our suite and just mocked them again.

    #1 The number of the guys who physically attacked the smaller group isn’t 20. The number is fewer than that, as many just stood by as spectators.

    #2 If you provoke complete strangers in public, you take it upon yourself to face the repercussions of your actions.

    If you violate proper and dignified social rules, it’s as if you encouraged others to violate it as well. Respect begets respect, and if you treat others with a clear & obvious lack of respect – you attract the same from them.

    #3 If you want a gentleman’s fight, with men of equal numbers involved – common sense will tell you that a public place such as a parking lot isn’t the place to go looking around for that.

    Stidge’s point is laughable. Why? It’s like he’s implying, the outnumbered is always right!
    Really? Who cares when you’re out and tempers are flarin’?

    I know of an Asian dude who got his ass beat in Vegas for stealin’ some white guy’s chick.

    3 dudes waited for him outside the club and pummeled him and really, I don’t care that he’s Asian too or that there’s more of them. I think he deserves it for starting that sh*t.

  • Maleficus Jones

    Them white dudes were probably pedophiles and the asian dudes were just letting them know that crap ain’t tolerated.