According to the New York Times, we’re no quitters! But not in an adorable Little Engine That Could sort of way.

Unlike most other demographic groups in the city, Asian men smoke at a rate that did not show a statistically significant drop from 2002 to 2010. Among blacks, for example, the rate fell to 12.5 percent from 20.8 percent. And among whites, it dropped to 15.6 percent from 23.8 percent.

Pretty sad. But you know what, I think a lot of it has to do with the amount of immigrants that make up the Asian bracket. It’s not too many white/black immigrants you know? And I know a lot of people who have successfully quit smoking, my brother and myself included. So, all you fobs out there, stop fucking up the ratios lol! And yo, I really hope this ain’t true.

The problem is less prevalent among Asian women. In most Asian countries, less than 10 percent of women smoke, and even fewer smoke in New York. However, some researchers say that smoking among young Asian-American girls seems to be rising, as they seek to keep up with their peer group, who often view smoking as hip.

That shit ain’t sexy.

Anyway, we talk at length about being a slave to tobacco on episode 4 of Gumship Radio around 1 hour and 3 minutes in. Honestly, it’s a lot of jokes being made but it’s also a lot of real talk.

[via nytimes]

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    smoking is bad for everyones health!

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    Hi, I’d like to listen to the podcast episode listed here, but the link is broken…is it still uploaded? Thank you~