Avril Lavigne dropped the visuals for her latest song “Hello Kitty” and it’s being met with a lot of criticism about cultural appropriation and even charges of racism. But you know what, fuck all that. I’m actually more offended by her usage of the word KAWAII. The KAWAII is a strange phenomenon that hypnotizes girls (and grown women) and guys who might even feel confused (“HNNGGG IT’S SO ADORABLE WTFFFFF”).

AIN’T NOTHING KAWAII about Avril’s video or the song with its screechy vocals and shitty dubstep. The sheer audacity, son! Now, all these clueless American kids who never encountered true KAWAII are going to associate it with this ASININE GAHBAGE:

She responded to the accusations of racism through her Facebook:

RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!! I love Japanese culture and I spend half of my time in Japan. I flew to Tokyo to shoot this video specifically for my Japanese fans, WITH my Japanese label, Japanese choreographers AND a Japanese director IN Japan.

Notice it was no mention of her misrepresenting the KAWAII because nobody’s taking her to task for it. Maybe it’s because ya’ll don’t really know…

BEHOLD THE POWER (from anime Azumanga Daioh): 

And if you need more KAWAII to purify your mind, check out our affiliate KAWAII FOR MEN.


Kawaii For Men has created a petition… Check out what they are saying:

Avril Lavigne released a new song called “Hello Kitty” and everyone from fans to members of the media are criticizing her for cultural appropriation and racism. But the real problem with the song/video is its misrepresentation of the KAWAII. She carelessly threw it in her song and now thousands of people are going to associate the word with the visual and song when it is anything but.

Avril, do you understand the power of KAWAII? It makes the girls squeal with glee and the boys cry from awe/confusion/shame. It’s there in a Sanrio doll, an elderly couple’s lasting devotion to each other, a rescued cat or dog who learns to trust humans again with the care of its new family, and the POV of a rainbow looking down on the tiny smiling citizens of earth after the rain. When it is harnessed properly, KAWAII can purify one’s soul and in some cases (with enough training and focus) cause one to levitate.

We understand the album is done and the music cannot be re-recorded but the least Ms. Lavigne can do is release a public statement apologizing for the misuse of KAWAII. We cannot look into her heart and soul, so I do not know if you are a racist. But you are not KAWAII. Apologize, and maybe one day.

Sign here.


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