Sometimes when I’m chillin’ in the VIP section of these club, I’m like ‘I really wish I could order bubbly with my favorite anime characters engraved into the bottle’. I’m so glad Retailer Rakuten in Japan heard the echoes of my heart and put together these Neon Genesis Evangelion themed bottles of cuvée Brut Champagne. But that’s not all:

Each bottle is etched with an illustration of either Rei, Kaworu, or Asuka, and embedded with a Swarovski crystal. And if that’s not enough, each bottle also comes with a special Evangelion charm, and a double-door display case.


Ridiculous, I know. But the series has been out for a minute now and there are so many grown fans out there who might actually cop this. So, more power to them. Not gonna front, if somebody brought this out, I’d laugh but still feel a little impressed. DOUBLE DOOR DISPLAY CASE. (Basically, I can’t tell if I’m serious or not either).

The 750 mL bottles of champagne are available for ¥31,500 ($305) each. I’m not sure where though.

[via animenewsnetwork]