Yo Hunger Games, I’ma let you finish but Battle Royale is one of the greatest teenagers-forced-to-kill-each-other-for-sport movies of all time! But it’s all good, let Hollywood have its version. We don’t need them ruining the classic from Japan, except they actually still might…

It looks like we could still see a U.S. remake of Battle Royale — as a TV series. The CW is apparently in talks about the possibility of turning the property, based on a novel by Koshun Takami, into an hourlong drama series.

People, what is the point? If you’ve seen the original movie, you know it’s one crazy-ass violent tale. Could they really make a prime time network show as bloody and insane as Battle Royale needs to be? I doubt it.

Yeah man, seriously. If they do any kind of remake, they should go deeper into violence and base it off the Battle Royale manga series. I remember my friend Jordan put me on and it just fucked up my week. Takes you to some pretty dark places right from the jump. You can check that out over here and you’ll see what I mean.

Shit is real.

[via angryasianman]

  • Jordan

    Yeah man. Rude shit.

    CW? They need to do it on HBO!

  • Dave

    ^ Yeahhh I was thinking the same thing. HBO would probably do it right, but still, tell me an OVA wouldn’t be PROPER.