Some more promotional items coming your way, now in the form of iPhone cases. Kinda wish they went with an all out design for Zodd’s case instead of that text. Yeah, it’s a great quote but the fans want to see this dude just wilin’! Also, I would never cop that freaky behelit (2nd picture), not trying to get cursed and all that.

A set of Berserk iPhones featuring the motifs of a shouting Nosferatu Zodd, the Band of the Hawk, and the Behelit have been planned for a release coordinated with Berserk Golden Age Arc II: The Battle for Doldrey.

Preorders are being taken, with 2,000 units per design being produced, selling for 2,625 yen ($32) each.




[via crunchyroll]

  • Isaac

    Thats hard. Hopefully they make some for android phones