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#Linsanity, the hash tag that rapidly trended on Twitter has been the catch phrase to describe the crazy hype surrounding New York’s new Golden Child, Jeremy Lin. Along with his 100+ point week, tons of  creative designers have been cranking out new Jeremy Lin shirts on the daily. We’ve compiled a list the funniest phrases, best designs, and where to buy them on the net. Some were creative, most were straight retarded. Which one would you cop??


Sippin On Lin & Juice $30


All these hip hop lyric references are pretty funny but $30?! DAMN!



Linning! $26


Nothing really creative going on in this shirt design. This one is probably one of the worst ones out especially priced at $26. “Linning” was cool the first time you heard it but after the 2nd or 3rd time, straight corny. I’ll still be iffy at copping this piece even at $5..



The Sky’s the LIN-IT $30


Semi-Clever on the phrase but the font sucks and why’d they choose light blue yo? I don’t care if its designs for girls (which its not actually) but light blue has nothing to do with Jeremy Lin, the Knicks, or New York City. This is worse than the one right above..



The Jeremy Lin Show $20

I actually don’t think this shirt is too bad. I love watching the “Jeremy Lin Show” youtube highlight clips and the whole “Live from New York” phrase and the font just seems classic New York. $20? Not bad!



Linsane In the Membrane $24.99

Jeremy Lin 'Insane' Shirt

I laughed(a little) the first time I read this but I don’t think I’d ever rock a bright ass orange shirt no matter how funny the phrase on it is. The “designers” couldn’t even photoshop this onto a real shirt?? $24.99?? Wildin..



Who Said Asians Can’t Drive? $24.99

Jeremy Lin Asians Can Drive Shirt

Mann this orange is really killing me…and the “Who said Asians Can’t Drive?” quote? Did we REALLY have to go there? $25 EXCLUDING shipping costs? F@#$ outta here..!



All I Do Is Lin Lin Lin $22.50

Jeremy Lin "All I do is Lin Lin Lin" T-s

Saw this shirt rocked by a cool looking black dude on tv live at MSG during one of the games and thought the whole hip hop vibe was dope. But then I realized how annoying that song was and how much I didn’t like DJ Khaled…



Yellow Mamba $24

Jeremy Lin T

I like the whole message of this shirt. If you didn’t know, “Black Mamba” is Kobe’s nickname and I’m sure ya’ll have all seen that video clip where Kobe pretends like he’s never heard of Jeremy Lin and laughs when one of the reporters asks if he will guard Lin during the game. Well the Harvard student outscored Kobe and also led the Knicks to another win.