The Intro

“In the next theater was some documentary about sushi. Eh…I was tired anyways….but then when I read the Rotten Tomatoes reviews (99%) I was like “hmmmm why not?…I like sushi, lemme see what’s up”. What I saw changed my life. It wasn’t a mere film about the worlds greatest sushi innovator. This was Gladwelll’s Outliers come to life.”


The Plan

“Once a commentator mentioned that making a pilgrimage halfway around the world for a mere sampling of food is worthy of the perfect unattainable 3 star Michelin rating I knew then and there where I wanted to spend my birthday. Thing was my bday was some 9 months after this film came out. And with my schedule there was no telling if I’d be free for this trek. So I made a move on faith: planned my trip blind and prayed by September I’d be cool. The risk is you don’t wanna plan a 5 figure lunch trek without the verification being iron clad. I thought September…..truth was I wasn’t 100% confirmed (no fallon, no DJ gigs, roots okay with us turning down inauguration, and Jiro giving us the “ok” until 3 weeks ago…..6 months after I $helled out arrangements. Talk about faith!”


TheĀ Aura

Gotta tell you, the tension and pressure in that small arse space (long counter for 10!!!!! Ha! My spot has him beat by 6 chairs!—-wait did i just let the cat out the ba—-uh nevermind that for now) thing is he is 88 years old and has his entire staff uptight so they are super scowly and it was like I didn’t know if I should inhale or not. Soon thereafter I started having nightmares about dropping the food. Should I use my hands like I saw in the movie? or should I use chopsticks like my mama taught me? …I wasn’t this afraid to breathe in an establishment since the first time I set foot in Will Smith’s crib…The guide on the left is less a menu and more of a story. You will eat 16 pieces. And you are gonna love it.