Making the Rounds

Masters At Work. My interpretation is that he wants to tell a story with his sushi. The first round all savory. The next round all spicy. Round three is buttery and dreamy. Around four is more about texture and less about taste. And then for his stroke of genius act of round five: is the sweetest fish ever known to man. It’s literally a roller coaster of taste.


A Glistening Session

In case you’re wondering: Yes! The food absolutely glistens just like it looks in the movie. I didn’t want to be “that guy” Who Instagram’s every bite… but by this point he understood our enthusiasm.


Like Magic

This Fatty Tuna (for those that seen the film when he goes to the docks to bid on the auctioned fish? THIS IS THAT FISH!!!!!!—This was clearly the turning point of the meal. I never had sushi melt so smooth…. ever!!!!! — I mean —it was like butter! Like there was 0 chewing. It just disappeared.

I swear there is no filter.

The Kurumaebi (Boiled Prawn) the precision they used to cut this bad boy open ever so slightly. And stuffing it with his on lockdown special rice…these guys coulda EASILY been surgeons. It takes special skilled hands to cut the perfect slice of fish and hold the rice together.

There was a point in the film in which you saw him. Giving a four hour massage to a dead octopus. I have to meant when I first saw it I thought “ehhh I dunno bout that”. I mean I really did think “money is crazy” a 4 hour process to relax some dead muscles? I couldn’t wait to try this four hour muscle relaxed treat of an octopus. I had my doubts…..but when I tried it? I was like Popeye to spinach. Member when Michael Jackson tried that tonic in the “Say Say Say” video and it made him dance?