The Conclusion

All good things must come to an end. And how does he end it? The shocker of all shockers—The clear winner of the night was (drumroll please) The honeydew melon!?!!!? There was more juice in this honeydew melon than in Ernest Dickerson’s entire screenplay that made 2pac a star. Okay I’m reachin…but this melon served as a trick: Mostly to clean your pallet and make you forget everything you just consumed in the last 30 minutes. It was like the food version of the men in black flashy thing.

By the end Jiro had really warned up to us (he gave me an encore of my 3 favorite pieces for the road: I choose the Fatty Tuna, the Massaged Octopus, and the Tamago Egg Custard he made his son make over 200 times Ina month for practice before he felt like his son was ready for the big time. He literally made that egg dish taste like yellow cake! That’s how rich it was!!!!!!! It was beyond awesome of him to grant me a photo. He seemed touched when he learned that I made a pilgrimage over here from the US after watching this film 10 times.

Jiro coulda easily been a DJ yo.

^ best thing ever uttered.

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