This looks like a lot of fun. Hosted by the homies over at Strada Customs. Details below.

“Pedal Pursuit” by Strada Customs is a highly interactive and experiential activation with the format of a point system based scavenger hunt that involves teams of two’s to cycle throughout New York City. An entry fee of $30 per team is required to register for the contest and each team is given a long list of tasks that requires the team to cycle to varied landmarks and locations in New York City and the outer boroughs. Once arrived at the location of the task, a team member must snap a photo of the required task and post it on instagram and hash tag it with #pedalpursuit – the harder task, the higher the points are for the specific task. the Objective is to acquire as many tasks and accrue as many points within a 5.5 – hour period.

I hear it’s the last week to sign up your team, so if you’re interested, register here.