See what I did there with that headline? I know, I’m fucking awesome, it’s true. But real shit? This shit will make your nipples hard. Oh man, I did it again. Somebody stop me. But you can’t, because Bad Boy 4 Lyfe.

Made specifically for the U.S. market, BMW plans to build just 150 examples of this special edition. Buyers will be able to choose between Frozen Red, Frozen White and Frozen Blue, each of which uses special matte paint for a striking finish. Inside, the cars will feature black Novillo leather with contrast stitching matching the exterior paint color. Additional changes over the standard M3 include the Competition Package, Premium Package, a carbon fiber roof, and high-gloss black paint for the grill, side vents and exhaust tips.

If that sounds interesting to you, it’s like $77,000 bucks. Who wants to go half on it? You pay for the majority half though.

[via hypebeast]

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