If you try to please everybody, you end up letting everyone down. In an interview with Japanese outlet Nikkei, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda basically expressed that sentiment, declaring the company would stop trying to create “globally” and refocus on JRPGs. Fans are rejoicing all over. Here’s a translation brought to you by Sillicon Era:

“…in the past, when we developed console games with a worldwide premise, we lost our focus, and not only did they end up being games that weren’t for the Japanese, but they ended up being incomplete titles that weren’t even fit for a global audience. On the other hand, there are games like the JRPG we made for the Japanese audience with the proper elements, Bravely Default, which ended up selling well all around the world.”

“Due to having split [the development mindset] according to regions around the world, we weren’t able to see this clearly up until now, but fans of JRPGs are really spread around the world,” emphasizes Matsuda. “Through the means of various networks, the latest information that is announced in Japan is instantaneously being spread across fans throughout the world. Whether it’s North America, Europe, or South America. There really isn’t much of a gap [in the relay of information].”

“With that in mind, and all of the collective fans, there’s a sense of mass, which loses the image of a niche market,” continues Matsuda. “For the new games we’ll be developing from this point on, while this may sound a bit extreme, we’ve been talking about making them as heavy JRPGs. I believe that way, we can better focus on our target, which will also bring better results.”

I’m seeing a lot of “duh” reactions on the internets but it takes time for huge industry giants to change their ways, especially when there’s so much pressure to make that next smash hit. I don’t think it would have mattered how many people were in his ear about this ‘obvious truth’ so thank God for Bravely Default providing the actual numbers (selling over 200,000 copies in its first three weeks in the states) to back all that up.

Damn, I need to get my hands on a Nintendo 3DS already, I’m missing out.

[via silliconera]