I am not much of a gamer but I remember very fondly playing Tekken in the arcades and you already know that y’all boy would pick Marshall Law as the principle character in the game. That was the closest I got to experience what it would be to fight like Bruce Lee. Clearly the character was a homage to Lee, his appearance, his mannerism, and the way he fought. It was all there, but I felt that there was something missing. Maybe at the time I didn’t feel it was legit to name my idol as Marshall Law when everything was on point about the character. But I didn’t know any better.

So now with the new EA Sports UFC 2014 hitting this Spring, they’ve added Bruce Lee, yes Bruce ‘mutha-effin’ Lee, to their lineup.

EA has announced the legendary father of mixed martial arts, Bruce Lee, will feature in the upcoming EA UFC 2014.

Pre-ordering the upcoming game will unlock Lee from the moment you boot up the game, but he’ll otherwise be available to anyone that successfully completes the game’s career mode on Pro difficulty, at which point he’ll be unlocked for use in four different weight classes. [via IGN]

Obviously this is going to be legit! You can’t go wrong with Lee appearing with the iconic yellow and black stripe fighting trunks that is reminiscent of The Game of Death (1979).  Even Shannon Lee, Lee’s daughter and founder of the Bruce Lee Foundation, gave her blessings to the fans that they would not be disappointed. I am always fascinated with video game developers that continue to push the envelope to make their animations and graphics so realistic and eloquent in the game. It is going to be interesting to see how the developers captured Lee’s fighting movements and mannerisms in the game. I’m glad that the folks at EA Sports UFC picked up on adding Lee to the lineup for their new game. They’ believe that Lee is the “legendary father of mixed martial arts.” That is true in the sense that Lee’s pioneering methods in fighting and his philosophy in martial arts were unconventional at the time. Plus, some of the early mixed martial arts that featured in films was in Lee’s Enter the Dragon (1973), in particular to the opening  scene where he spars with a young Sammo Hung.

bruce lee vs sammo 1


bruce Lee vs Sammo Hung 2

Bruce Lee vs Sammo Hung 3

Bruce Lee vs Sammo Hung 4

I am definitely looking forward to see how the character in the game plays out. And whether y’all are planning  to pre-order or complete the game in Pro-Difficulty, playing as Lee would be a humbling and prestige experience.

Shout out to the Skipper for letting me know about this kick-ass development!