Pop darling Bruno Mars went in last night during the Super Bowl’s halftime show, shiny suit and everythang. It’s probably one of the biggest stages you could ever rock with the whole stadium packed and millions tuning in. So he must’ve made a small fortune right? Nah.

Turns out, half time performers (including the legendary Madonna and the amazing Beyonce who rocked last year) don’t ever get paid. The NFL cover everything from performer lodging to all the equipment involved in the performance which can amount to quite a bit. But still, they’re performing at the Super Bowl! According to NFL spokesperson, Brian McCarthy, that’s precisely it. You’re performing at the Super Bowl!

“He’ll be playing what amounts to a 12-minute commercial for himself, which should boost sales for concert tickets, albums and merchandise,” reports Forbes, who confirmed Mars, like his predecessors, will not be paid for this year’s Super Bowl. “For context, a 30-second ad costs about $4 million this year.”

I mean, I already seen a couple tweets with people who were won over by the performance and a few people updated their Facebook statuses saying their parents were new fans. It’s also a priceless moment in an artist’s career, so there’s that. But still, they could probably pay these guys. What do ya’ll think? Check out the performance here:

[youtube id=”uwpIzEmopMQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]

[via businessinsider]

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