This might be the worst news I’ve heard in awhile. Also, your girlfriend is going to freak out!

German researchers from the University Hospital Aachen have reportedly found traces of the carcinogenic chemical in tapioca ball samples. The tapioca was taken from an unnamed chain in northwest Germany and originated in Taiwan, according to the Daily News.

According to the EPA, PCBs belong to a broad family of man-made organic chemicals manufactured between 1929 and 1979. The chemicals still exist in the environment despite their U.S. manufacturing ban. Ranging in toxicity, PCBs have been shown to cause cancer, as well as a variety of other adverse health effects on the immune system, reproductive system, nervous system and endocrine system, the government site continues.

Yes, the betrayal. It burns! How can you do this to us tapioca balls?! Go ahead and file this under #firstworldproblems but double u tee EFF, bro, say it ain’t so!

[via angryasianman via huffingtonpost]

  • Hi_Man2.0 (@2Kool_Boy)

    There is more carcinogenic things than safe things nowadays……..

  • Dave

    Yeah, everything gives you cancer. I’m still drinking this shit lol