I remember girls used to get their photos taken at studios and the dude editing the photos would turn up the whitening so all their blemishes would fade (also their nose). In Japan, the photo edit for common folk has evolved since then…

Bijyo Photo (美女フォト; “Beautiful Woman Photo”), which is run by Japanese tech company DC Archives, offers pro style retouching to portraits with quick turnaround. Some of the types of portraits listed are, for example, hair saloon pics, bridal pics, or even modeling photos. The service, however, is also available to people who want their personal portraits retouched. It’s possible that the service could alter photos being used in Japanese matchmaking (お見合い; omiai); photos of prospective partners are used in the selection arranging the initial meeting.

Bijyo Photo’s various services include clearing up skin, making eyes larger (or even adding an extra eyelid fold), making faces slimmer, fixing teeth, tucking in tummies, and more. Bijyo Photo can also apply digital make up and even alter the outfits in the photos (such as making skirts shorter). Depending on the work you need done, prices vary, but simply Photoshop work starts at around ¥840 or US$11 for each specific alteration (full body fixes, however, start at ¥2,100 or $27).

So women now have make up, strategic angling, and photo retouching. Am I missing anything? Oh, happy day!



[via kotaku]