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Published On February 29, 2012 | By Dave | amateur, girls, Model Q&A

Hometown Hottie!

Name: Aja Dang
Location: From Honolulu, Hi. Currently lives Los Angeles, cA
Sign: Aquarius
Occupation: Graduate student at USC and TV host
Ethnicity: 1/2 Chinese, 1/4 Welsh 1/4 Slovenian

When people picture me in their head what would I typically be wearing… Probably a bathing suit since that is all I seem to be in for my shoots.
My perfect weekend would consist of…Morning workout, , beach, nice long bath, mani/pedi, lunch with the girls, nap and dinner with the girls!
I’m currently obsessed with…Spring Training! It’s finally time for some baseball! Go Giants! And I also have this weird obsession with Rihanna right now. I used to hate her but her new album is crazy.
I wish i were younger/older because…I don’t think about that, I tend to live in the moment!
If I could have lunch with two other people, dead or alive, it would be.. Beyonce because I’m a stalker fan and Samantha Brown because she has my dream job.
If I could be in bed with two other people, dead or alive, it would be…Shemar Moore and I guess Rihanna…since she is my current obsession.
I celebrate success with a nice dinner and deal with failure by grinding on a family sized bag of chips and french onion dip.
The biggest misconception people have of me is… I don’t really care what people think of me.
My best advice for guys…Be confident not cocky. And please, please be a gentleman. Chivalry should not be dead!
How can we find you on the web? Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

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  • Amy

    Absolutely gorgeous.
    *Disclaimer: Guys, following her “best advice” still won’t get you anywhere with her

  • paulbae

    98% hottness

  • paulbae

    Amy, is she a lesbian??? Are u her lover? Are u a hottie, too? When u guys have sex, do u use dildos and anal plugs, or just strickly fingers, tongue and p2p?

  • http://Website D

    can i liiiiiive?

  • Dave

    Who’s down to make a trip to Hawaii?

  • http://Website chad ocho

    im down…

    #CAN I HOLLA AT CHU?!?!?

  • paulbae

    Hawaii 2013? lol

  • jaybe lee

    She goes to my school and why don’t i see her on campus!?
    Damn son.

  • liz m.

    Daaaaammmmnnn guuuurrrlll.

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