Name: Coco
Location: Tokyo
Sign: Cancer
Occupation: Waitress
Ethnicity: Japanese

When people picture me in their head what would I typically be wearing… Pink Bikinis! Or cheerleading uniform because I was a cheerleader.
My perfect weekend would consist of…Chillin’ with my friends, go to park to see flowers and dance.
I’m currently obsessed with…Hello Kitty and eating rice.
I wish i were younger/older because…I wish I were younger like a baby because I can have a flawless baby skin
If I could have lunch with two other people, dead or alive, it would be…Japanese old samurai and alien. I want to try traditional food and future food!
If I could be in bed with two other people, dead or alive, it would be…Hello kitty and Totoro
I celebrate success with _____ and deal with failure by ______
The biggest misconception people have of me is…People think I drink a lot and go to clubs a lot but I don’t drink alcohol normally. Also I can’t stand waking up whole night with high heels.  I like the atmosphere of clubs though.. Good girl!
My best advice for guys…Be mature, don’t act like too much self confidence and smile a lot! Smiling is the way to your life makes happy.
How can people find you on the web? My facebook and twitter. Also, this is the link of my Calendar app for android users. Unfortunately iphone/ iPad users are not activated yet.

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  • Dave

    ^ Nah. She look good!

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    i would make coco into my hoho


    she brought the house into that shit