Name: Evelina Larie C.
Location: San Francisco, California
Sign: Scorpio
Occupation: Student/Model/Swim Coach
Ethnicity: Chinese/Taiwanese

When friends picture me in their head what would I typically be wearing…a hooded sweatshirt with dark wash jeans and UGG boots. Seriously! I don’t dress up often.
My perfect weekend would consist of…Satisfying my latest food craving and watching the latest DVD releases.
I’m currently obsessed with…Watching the TV show “Hart of Dixie”. Rachel Bilson is cute!
I wish i were younger/older because…Definitely younger! Who wouldn’t want to go back in time and be a kid again?
If I could have lunch with two other people, dead or alive, it would be…I would have lunch with my Mom and Dad!
If I could be in bed with two other people, dead or alive, it would be…Hahah! Me and Myself.
I celebrate success by sharing my success with my family and friends and I deal with failure by never losing sight of my goals.
The biggest misconception people have of me is…YOU tell ME!
My best advice for guys…If your considering whether or not you should approach the girl you’re afraid to talk to, remember that no matter who you are or what you look like, a girl will remember the guy who had the confidence to approach her.
You can find Evelina on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@EvelinaLarie)

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